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Woman Tells Her Period Blood Face Mask Gives Her Skin Silky Smooth.

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While some individuals are uncomfortable with the thought of period blood, one woman has accepted it not only emotionally but also physically.

Brittani LaBouff is a Las Vegas native who uses her monthly flow to make moon blood masks.' According to the 31-year-old, the concoction leaves her skin feeling silky soft.

She believes that people should let go of their "fears and disgust" about period blood and recognise that it is a natural and everyday physical occurrence.

"What has society taught us about how we should feel about the monthly cycle? That it's inconvenient, unpleasant, nasty, stinky, irritating, unpleasant, and time-consuming, "She stated

"So much so that there are now birth control methods that can be implanted into someone that entirely stops their flow - while the implant is in place.

"This is a practice for me to reclaim my power.  To embody my creative potential and honour the divine feminine energy inside me, which has been awakened to the interconnectedness of all life, all things, and how all things are birthed through the mother archetype.

"We are intelligent, creative beings who can alter, grow, give birth, live, and die.  The monthly cycle is a lovely, continuing depiction of the process."

Brittani first tried the moon blood mask when she became interested in skincare a year ago.

She collects the blood with a menstrual cup, but she positions it just outside the cervix to reduce the danger of dangerous microorganisms contaminating the sample.

The blood is then smeared into her face with her fingers or a paintbrush.  She'll leave it on for up to 15 minutes before washing it off.

Brittani claims that it not only makes her skin feel silky smooth but it also gives her a "deepened energetic connection with her menstrual cycle."

"I am not a dermatologist, but it appears that this may not be a good technique for individuals with active acne outbreaks or open sores," she stated. 

Use your instincts to determine whether or not this practice is right for you.

I also keep some of my moon blood for future art projects, but I only recommend utilising blood from the day one harvest for face masks."

She says she's been inundated with both positive and negative criticism since going public with her beauty regime.

"People saying things like 'disgusting," so f**king awful,' and so on are simple to dismiss, because hey, I was there too when I was under the idea that my period was a hardship," she explained.

"I was honestly startled at how many inaccurate replies there have been," she continued.  Many people are ignorant of the ovulation cycle, or that blood is lost naturally rather than rejected from the body."