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Woman Who Claims To Have Died 3 Times Explains What It's Like When We Die

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A woman who claims to have died thrice explains what happens when humans die.

TikToker Rachel Boyle (@rachboylex) shared a video in response to another user, who had asked what happened to other people 'while you were dead'. Boyle explained that she had a heart condition known as SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia). She said that she had died three times, each time feeling what it was like to pass away.

“Oh my God, I've actually died three times. I used to have a heart condition called SVT - if you don't know what it is, just Google it.

"[I had] a really rare case of it, so it was very hard for them to treat. There was this one time - I went into an SVT attack, I think my heart rate went up to, like, 230 beats a minute or something ridiculous.

"And obviously my body couldn't cope, I kept blacking out and as a result eventually my heart just stopped.

"No word of a lie - I swear on my life this happened, right - it felt like I was literally bolted out of my body, couldn't see anything apart from just bright white light and myself, and it just felt really slow, like time was moving very, very slowly. Like I was going in slow motion towards the light, right?"

Boyle added that after she saw the white light, she could feel herself looking down at her body and realizing that her soul had left her body. She added that she remembered the incident clearly, and she experienced the moment at the exact same instance when her heart stopped beating during her heart surgery.

Boyle says that people have a hard time believing her, and many maintain that she is on drugs. But she insists that she has experienced the sensation of death 3 times, all on the operation table.

"But I've had this exact experience three times - one being on the operating table when my heart completely stopped again.

"So when I was on the operating table, it felt like my soul completely jumped out of my physical body.

"I could see myself from a bird's eye point of view, I was literally directly above my body. I could see it on the operating table, and there was nothing around, you couldn't see any of the equipment that was there, none of the surgeons, it was just my body lying on this table."

She added that it felt 'really peaceful' and 'magical'.