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Woman With A Gun At Disney World Blames 6-Year-Old For Posession

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A woman from Georgia, Marcia Temple, was found in possession of a loaded gun by the entrance to Disney's Magic Kingdom in Florida, blames her 6-year-old son. She had left a bag suspiciously behind a plant by the entrance. After the park security was alerted by some workers, they investigated the bag and found a 9mm loaded gun with 10 bullets in it. 

As they were looking into the purse, Temple noticed and walked over, claiming the bag. When asked about the gun, she said that her 6-year-old son was supposed to be watching the gun and that she was unsure why he left the purse there. A report said the woman claimed she was in the process of getting her brother to take the gun back to their vehicle. 

Temple was arrested by Orange County police and is now banned from Disney World. 

Source: WESH 2