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   How much i wish to earn money the legit way. I want to gain cash stable job even if virtual online or selling through commerce but I'm no good nor professional to attract customers for referrals or buyers they never interested! Sigh lame.....


    I came to Folks paper posting so much [email protected] yet nobody wanna give a like or donate like come on i want your support through u in media writing to earn or also get popularity when others see my notes get many liked will attract better attention!


    Hey i mean wat i say but will anyone listen or help? How can i earn a bit if i post so well abstract material with brain to think to write when tis lousy shxt hole app doesn't get my posts make famous all by myself?!


   I complain cause experience a failure here without feeling praised or given a pat of good job afterall i wrote alone without copying newspaper or magazines conversation or composition which not my type to write with,


   Even if i say i copied friends notes to post tis place admins won't believe cause they search some sentences i spoke but can't find anyone names who post a post similar to wat i published. U can't find 


    Describing my review all i say is i want people to like my work or me , if they can't screw them i dont need fake over expectations people who only like others if they decent at stating! Suit yourself if u disregard my posts by ignoring without giving thumbs or monetized. I'll be loser drifting on emotions why i cant b successful cause people especially adults dont want support my writings. 


Im done with chu