World’s First Mother

Newton, MA Commonwealth Avenue

I’m walking my dog the other day on Commonwealth Ave and come to cross a woman and her baby in the carriage. This woman was taking up most of the lane have you and was in no rush to compromise so we could both continue with our days. We come to a standstill and the lady says, “Move!” with such abruptness I couldn’t believe my ears.

I tell her, “You move!” She replies, “No, I have a baby!” Now listen, I am a woman, I have a mother, but seriously?! Your child entitles you to take up an entire sidewalk?? There was just no remorse at all. So I told her, “Yeah! Well I have a dog so you move! I know this may be petty but I just couldn’t stand this woman. I mean is she the Virgin Mary!? Did she carry the world’s first child? I don’t think so you move lady!

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