#WritingWednesday: Allow Room for Limitations

Haverhill, MA Haverhill
Designed with canva.com

Designed with canva.com

The fact of the matter is: some days writing is going to be harder than others, some things you're not going to relate to enough to write about, and sometimes that story just isn't going to click.

Recognizing your limitations and the things that just don't work is healthy. Don't waste your time on a project that isn't coming together. Don't beat yourself up over not writing five full pages one day or not tying in that theme you wanted to underline your story. Not all elements are meant to line up perfectly, and that's how you learn to become a better writer.

We learn as much from our failures as we do our successes. In fact, there's probably more to learn from your failures than anything else. As long as you get better, even just a little bit, every time then you are succeeding at writing.


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