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#WritingWednesday: Always Keep Learning

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It's easy to think if you've gone through the standard education of kindergarten through high school and then into higher education that you have a good grasp on spelling, grammar, technique, and all those other fine details of writing. Would you be surprised if I told you you were wrong?

In general education, there is a point where we stop learning grammar rules because we know the basics, but there are so many more important rules than the basics to keep you sounding smart, professional, and an expert at your craft. I learned some grammar rules in my first full-time job out of college that I was shocked I hadn't learned in school, let alone even in my college English language and grammar classes.

The point is, it is so easy to have a gap in knowledge in any subject because education isn't perfect and they can't teach you everything in school. That's because education should be a lifelong love that should carry well beyond your schooling years; a love you should foster within yourself instead of someone else forcing it on you.

So seek more knowledge, learn new writing techniques to keep your writing fresh, and don't be afraid to admit you don't know a grammar rule: look it up, learn it, put it into effect, and carry on with your beautiful words.