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#WritingWednesday: Better Late Than Never

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Oh, the irony.

In planning my posts yesterday, due to a very crazy week, I completely forgot it was Wednesday and therefore, didn’t give you a #WritingWednesday.

But that got me thinking about a great tip. Too often I see writers dejected because they don’t have the time to work on their projects with the craziness that is life. In their dejection, they often make declarative statements like “Well, I guess I’m just never going to write this book” or “It probably wasn’t going to be that good, so what’s the point?”

There is ALWAYS a point. Whether you’re writing with an intended audience in mind or simply writing for yourself, later is always better than never.

If you let your ideas linger and then die away, one day you may regret never getting that story or that opinion piece out of you. You’re left with all these unsaid things and these unrealized ideas that are just taking up space in your brain that could be used for new thoughts and new ideas.

Never give up a passion project just because it seems like there’s never time for it. Either make time, or know that eventually a day will come when you'll find yourself with a decent amount of free time stretched out before you and that idea will be waiting.

And just because it’s no longer Wednesday, doesn’t mean this writing tip wasn’t worth writing.