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#WritingWednesday: Find Your Atmosphere

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Where do you write? My go-to places are typically my book nook/office in my apartment or my favorite coffee shop down the street from my apartment. Do you listen to music? I've been on a lo-fi hip-hop kick lately to fuel my writing. I ask out of curiosity because atmosphere can play a huge factor in someone's ability to crank words out on the page or not. 

Some people love writing to music, and some people can't stand it and have to write in silence. Some people need the hustle and bustle of people around them to give their writing life, and some want to be in total isolation and unbothered for an extended period of time.

Ultimately, to help productivity, you should nail down what your ideal writing atmosphere is. The beauty of a favored writing atmosphere is that your brain becomes accustomed to writing under those conditions. So next time you have writers block, even if you have the worst writers block in your life, set yourself up in that writing atmosphere. You'll be shocked to see how quickly your brain goes "Oh! It's writing time?" And you'll find yourself flying through words and forgetting why you even had writers block in the first place.

So pick your location. Pick your music (or lack thereof). Get a good drink, or a snack, or a comfy pillow. Find the situation that drives creativity and make it your ultimate place of creativity. 

On the off-chance you can't lock down one place, or you like moving around to new locations to write, learn the art of adaptation. Find a way to shift your creative brain from working in silence to working in noise. Teach yourself to write in isolation or surrounded by people. To do this, you must create the writing mindset. Find something to think about that always spurs great ideas, like a memory that stirs up emotions or a concept you find fascinating. If you can't create an external atmosphere, you can develop an internal atmosphere that can adapt to any external circumstances.