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#WritingWednesday: On Burnout

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Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been absent on Folkspaper for a few weeks. And for those of you that have joined the community between then and now, hi! I’ve been absentee because of writer’s burnout.

Burning out is a very real thing in most hobbies or professions, when you do something so constantly that eventually it becomes hard to find the energy or motivation to continue one with that thing even if it’s something you love.

Writers often promote to other aspiring writers that in order to be a writer you need to write every day. And while that is partially true, it should not be at the expense of your mental health. If you’re in the zone and feeling great about the work you’re putting to page everyday that’s amazing! But if you find yourself hating what you write or not being able to string together two sentences, you may be burning out.

Hitting that point is when you need to decide for yourself if you need a break and for how long. I took a short break from Folkspaper because I had been writing every day for four months, and I started feeling as though my writing was stagnant and repetitive. I wasn’t proud of it. Now that I’ve had some relaxation and reflection time, I’m ready to dive back in and share the news and my thoughts with you again.

So if you’re experiencing burnout with any of your projects or hobbies, know that it’s okay, everyone experiences it, and you can make some time to step away and come back to it refreshed.

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