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#WritingWednesday: Social Distancing and Productivity

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Have you been putting off projects because you just don't have time to get to them? Well, now you do!

Seriously, this social distancing thing sucks. It makes us realize how much we actually like and appreciate our day-to-day routines, how much we miss our friends, and how easy it is to get stir crazy, but us staying home is helping. So, in the meantime, we might as well make the most of a bad situation and use our extra home time as productively as possible.

Now that you have the time to work on that writing project you've been meaning to start or get back to, do it! You'll probably never have a time like this again (at least we hope not), to unabashedly hole yourself up and just write. 

If it's a fiction project, escaping into a world of your own making could be exactly what you need to forget how stressful things are right now. If it's a nonfiction piece, use your frustrations to fuel your writing so there's passion behind your work. 

The world is scary right now, but when the world is scary humans do a couple of incredible things (besides panicking and overreacting): we connect more and we create more because what other options do we have?