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#WritingWednesday: Take Control of Inspiration

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We all know inspiration and motivation to write can be a fickle thing. That’s why when inspiration and/or motivation strike, grasp on to it as quick as you can. Unless you’re working or somewhere you physically under no circumstances can write, drop whatever you’re doing and write.

If you’re just watching Netflix or doing some chores at home, stop and go write before you lose the idea. If you’re out with some friends, stop and at least jot down the idea or the few lines dancing around in your head on your phone so you can pick it back up later.

It’s really easy, because we have so many thoughts in a day, to let seemingly unimportant or fleeting ones pass by. But often it’s the fleeting or small thoughts that can be the seed for the biggest ideas. So, make sure you’re nurturing those thoughts and ideas. Grab a hold of it and do something with it before it runs away and you forget all about it.

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself that if it’s such a great idea, you would remember it, right? But if our brains are so packed full of information and assaulted with experiences and conversations in a day, it’s a wonder we remember much of anything. So, take control of your ideas when they come to you because you never know which one of them could be life changing.

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