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#WritingWednesday: The Art of Factual Writing

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One of the most difficult forms of writing is factual, truly journalistic writing. Finding a way to strike the right balance between facts and interesting storytelling takes time and practice. It’s especially difficult when having to write about a topic you’re unfamiliar with or feel as though you’re not the right person to speak on the topic.

I still struggle with this kind of writing. I’m such an expressive and long-winded writer that being short, punchy, and factual can often be impossible for me. Although, the beauty of factual writing is that you don’t have to make stuff up. As long as you’ve done your research, all of your content is laid out in front of you just waiting to be formed into something interesting and comprehensive.

I would encourage all writers to take some time out of whatever writing projects they’re working on or the genre of writing they prefer (and if this is your preferred genre, you’re set) to really force yourself to just research a topic and write the facts. We used to do it all the time in school, but when you leave it tends to get away from you. Having technical skills for a wide range of writing genres will only increase the quality of any writing you do.