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Yes, Horses Really Can Grow Moustaches

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That is, at least some can! Not just any horse can grow gorgeous curly locks on their lip, but certain breeds will without regular clipping. So no, the pictures you see here are not edited, and if you look online you can find countless examples of horse moustaches.

The horse breed with the most recognized ability to grow a moustache is the Vanner, pictured above. They are known by a few names, but are generally recognized for their long, flowing manes and tails, and lustrous feathers (the hair around their feet) and facial hair. Vanner horses are prized for their beauty and gentle disposition.

Nobody is sure why Vanners and other breeds and mixes, such as Shire horses, are capable of becoming mustachioed, but it does seem to follow bloodlines. If you have a horse that has always looked clean shaven, it's certain that they'll never have a dapper 'stache. But at least your day today can be brightened with the knowledge that there are some very fine horses with beautiful moustaches!