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Yoga Mudra

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Hey, Preet Here again with a new interesting topic of Yoga Mudra

You know what that there are different type of hand expressions and each expression can cure your different body parts

My today's topic focus will be only on Your Breathing !

Strange right but Have you notice your Breathing ?

Have you feel Your Breathing to spending some seconds from Your Life's busy schedule ?

If no, than please seat in a relax position and close your eyes for several seconds and only focus on your breathing !

You sometimes found that your left or right side nostril is not Inhaling or Exhaling Properly only one side of your nostril is Working properly.

Now, The Question Comes in Your mind is "what's the solution ?" Am I right ?

So The solution is Seat in a Relax position and Apply Pressure on Right Side Hand's Thum from sides.

The Pressure must be Quite Higher in intensity to getting the better result.

By Holding this position for atleast 20 to 25 secs. You realise that your Both Nostrils started Working !

And Hurray You have done a simple Yog Mudra and Accupressure basically to open both of Your Nostrils.