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You Can Tour a Museum From Your Couch

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If you're stuck at home right now and craving a little cultural enrichment, you don't have to don a mask and gloves and board a plane to view some of the most famous museum collections in the world. And no, I don't mean just pictures from Google images! In many cases, there are actual virtual tours that you can take of some popular exhibits.

Now, it's not quite the same as trekking through the actual museum on my own two feet, but it's a pretty good compromise that I can shovel snacks into my face on my couch while viewing famous art collections. Just this morning, I viewed the Egyptian Antiquities collective at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France while bundled in a blanket, snuggling my dog and sharing some blueberries with my daughter. I ask you, what better way to spend time at home?

So where can you find these tours? Not every museum has one as great as the Louvre, but a good start is to check Google Arts & Culture. The Uffizi Gallery, National Gallery of Art, Museum of Modern Art, and British Museum (which I've even seen in person, so I know the tour is great!) all offer incredible virtual tour options.

Happy browsing!

Photo: Pixabay