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You Won't Believe What This Actress Is Doing In Hopes Of Playing Madonna In New Biopic

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Actress Anne Winters, most popular for her role as Chloe in the teen drama series 13 Reasons Why, has started a non-official instagram campaign in hopes of playing the roll of Madonna in her new biopic. Winters, 26, has created a team of stylists designated to make her over as several popular and iconic Madonna looks and urges fans to get the singer's attention in order to play the roll.

She has been posting consistently since Saturday, with 9 related posts to date. 

"BLOW UP @madonna Instagram guys — I wana play her in her new biopic. I’ve been told I look like young Madonna forever, I act I sing I look like her…. cmon now 🍒💄🎤," she posted in the caption of one of her 'Madonna' posts. 

"Since covid - casting and film business has been whack af. So I’m trying a new tactic. #hireme lol 😂 @madonna," she captioned another post.

The tactic seemed to work because the singer followed her later on on Instagram. 

The biopic was announced earlier this month, which will be co-written by Madonna herself and Diablo Cody. Regardless of Winters' efforts, it has not been an actress has not been announced to play the role of Madonna in the movie.