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You would spend a day in the city of witches

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Salem, Massachusetts Photo: Getty Images

25 kilometers north of Boston in Massachusetts is the city of witches, Salem, a place full of mystery and reckless corners that have marked the life of this enigmatic city stained by all the events of the past that had to do with witchcraft.

Today the city of Salem revolves around the theme of witchcraft due to the trials that took place between the years 1692 and 1693 where women accused of witchcraft were tortured and hanged under an oak tree, along with their male or witch heads. 

According to the history of the inhabitants and visitors of the city of the witches, figures appear out of nowhere, voices are heard, screams, mysterious lights, laments, kneeling women, tied, they say that the souls of the witches roam around Salen due to the chilling way they were slaughtered.

When she tried women as witches to see if she was guilty or not, they would throw her off a cliff and if she didn't fly off a broom, she was innocent, they were also tied up and thrown into a river and if they drowned, they were too.

Women were sacrificed when a culprit said he was innocent and accused another witch as guilty of his evil, being free and the one identified as guilty was taken to the gallows, for this reason many of the people blamed each other, not to pay for their crimes.

It is said that the souls of the many men and women of all ages who were hanged, tortured and interned in the darkest dungeons, will roam Salem especially every October 31 on Halloween, a very famous place to celebrate the famous Halloween day. , where costumes will not be necessary to spend a spooky night.