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You'll Be Thankful For This Ultimate Thanksgiving Coffee Shopping Guide

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with everyone staying home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are guessing that you must be pretty stressed. Of course, there is this whole turkey to prepare and tons of side dishes including casseroles and pies to whip up. But most importantly, you need to have your coffee supplies sorted out in order to ensure that you top off your impressive dinner with so much richness that your guests remember Thanksgiving at your place for years to come.

The paraphernalia that one needs to brew the best kind of coffee is often very complicated. There is an endless list of items including coffee blends, coffee makers, coffee creamers, and flavors that you need to decide upon before you can actually brew the drink. And for every item there are endless options available in the market, making the choice all the more difficult. But you have nothing to worry about, as we have the errands all figured out for you. You do not even need to risk going to Walmart to stock on the supplies. With our ultimate Thanksgiving coffee purchase guide, you can simply select the items that suit you on Amazon and order them online.

First things first, you cannot make coffee unless and until you have the perfect instant blend.

Well, what’s that? Nescafe you say? Well, even Nescafe has such a wide variety of coffee beans that you’ll probably need a week searching through product catalogs before you can finalize on a brand. So to save your time and your efforts, we present to you the blend that is the most fitting.

Nescafe Taster's Choice House Blend Instant Coffee is a mildly roasted blend that delivers a smooth, well-balanced flavor. The 7-ounce coffee blend comes packaged in a glass jar that ferociously guards its aromas. Nescafe’s Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee is 100% premium and it has been very carefully crafted out of the best beans. One of the biggest advantages of coffee is that you don’t even require a coffee maker to brew it. While a maker is always desirable, you can simply follow the instructions listed at the back of the jar and make the best coffee this Thanksgiving.

Nescafe’s key Thanksgiving offer is that it’s selling Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee in packs of two. Priced at an unprecedented discount rate of $45.99, the product is being hailed by consumers as a ‘staple pantry item’. For many, Nescafe’s Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee is a blessing this Thanksgiving, One can simply walk around without having to care about temperature requirements, as the coffee’s dissolution is unmatched. So be sure to stock on Nescafe’s Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee before it’s too late. If you buy it now, you’ll have the product delivered at your doorstep between 11-25th November.

Obviously, once you brew coffee for all your guests on Thanksgiving, they’ll all want to personalize their drink as per their taste buds. I particularly like my coffee frothy and creamy, and I believe that during the holidays, luscious foamy hot drinks sell well. You probably do not want to go for the ordinary creamers and ruin the caliber of the drink that you’ve prepared with so much love. So it’s best if you opt for Coffee Mate’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Crème Creamer.

Ordinary coffee creamers may get the job done routinely. But on special occasions like Thanksgiving, it better to use creamers with a twist. Coffee Mate’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Crème Creamer is the right ingredient to mast a deliciously perfect cup of coffee with warm, rich chocolate flavor. This Coffee-Mate creamer is non-dairy, lactose-free, gluten-free, and cholesterol-free. So you do not have to think twice before serving your coffee to your guests with dietary restrictions. Each container yields approximately 58 servings, with each serving just as satisfying as the other. The velvety goodness that Coffee Mate’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Crème Creamer adds to your cup of coffee makes your coffee suitable for any time - every time—morning, noon, or night.

Coffee Mate’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Crème Creamer is available for purchase and shipping on Amazon. The 10.2 Ounce is priced at only at $3.98.

Now, finally coming down to equipment that you’ll need to brew coffee not only this Thanksgiving but also all year round. Coffee Mate’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Crème Creamer is a perennial best-seller known to brew rich, smooth, delicious coffee. The best thing about the Keirug K-Classic is that its user interface is as simple as turning on a light bulb. There are just a few buttons that you can press and obtain coffee stress-free. There are multiple K-Cup pod sizes that ensure that the cup size suits your different guests. Combining Nescafe Taster's Choice House Blend Instant Coffee with the Keirug K-Classic allows for a wide range of coffee flavors running from mild, decaf, flavored to strong. The Keurig K-Classic– offers a large 48oz water reservoir, so you can brew 6+ cups before having to refill.

Over 75 brands, including Starbucks, Mc Cafe, and Lipton trust Keurig. The brands particularly love Keurig’s K-Cup Pod, which sources freshly brewed coffee throughs ground beans. In the K-Cup Pod, hot water saturates freshly ground beans and flows through the paper filter. Every ounce of rich, full-flavored coffee is then extracted through gentle pressure.

While The Classic Keurig K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker is very reasonably priced at $79.00, it’s also, quite surprisingly, extremely low maintenance. The Keurig K-Classic has an auto descaling process that removes calcium deposits, or scale, that can build up inside a coffee maker over time. There is also an auto-off feature that is easily programmed to turn off your coffee maker after it has been idle for two hours, helping to save energy. The Classic Keurig K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker available in two fun colors to complement your décor, and compatible with the Keurig Classic Series My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter, so you can brew your own ground coffee.

You should definitely consider buying these products as it will ensure that you get the best coffee for the rest of your life and lift your holiday spirits!


1. The Classic Keurig K-Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker

2. Nescafe Taster's Choice House Blend Instant Coffee

3. Coffee Mate’s Sugar-Free Chocolate Crème Creamer

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