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YOUr New Creepy Obsession is Getting a Third Season

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Stalker happy show YOU originally started out a tv show series on Lifetime in 2018 but didn’t garner much attention. That is, until the first season made its way to Netflix, and suddenly, it blew up with the wide audience that the platform reaches. It became so popular that Netflix went on to acquire the show officially and produced and released a second season in 2019, and the hype isn’t stopping.

The crime, psychological thriller show follows a bookstore manager who meets and subsequently becomes obsessed with, and thus the crazy stalker stuff begins. The second season followed our psycho to California in which he falls into obsession with a different girl. And now, as of January 14th, it has been announced by Netflix there will be a season three.

It’s fascinating what a slightly attractive male lead and the oddly enticing nature of a man unhinged will do to the mass audiences. I have personally had no interest in watching this show, yet others are crossing off days on their calendar until they can binge watch the next season. While I may never understand it, at least it’ll hopefully help people pick out the warning signs were they ever to come across a man as unsettling as Joe from YOU.

Image Owned by Netflix.