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YouTube Recommendations: BookTube!

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You may not have heard of BookTube, because unless you're a book lover like me, it's a pretty niche community on the platform. BookTube is a community of YouTubers whose videos and channels all surround the topic of books. They talk about books, they recommend books, they play games with books, and more. 

BookTube is a great place to get book recommendations when you're not sure what you want to read because most BookTubers are good about giving good descriptions of books without spoilers and actually giving valid reasons for why a book is good. BookTube is also good if you're just feeling lonely because it makes you feel like you're sitting back and discussing books with a friend over coffee.

So if you're looking for some good book recommendations, here are a couple good places to start on BookTube. 



Jesse is a young man with a love for fantasy and contemporary novels. He brings high energy and silly jokes to his videos to put a smile on his viewers faces. Over time he's really developed his own style that makes his video distinctly his even when he's making videos on similar topics as his BookTube peers. If you're looking for a friend, watch any of his book challenge videos for a fun time!

Check Jesse out here!



Regan from PeruseProject brings you high fantasy and deep historical fiction novels and a fun vintage fashion sense all wrapped up in her channel. She's very thoughtful in the ways she talks about the books she loves, and her emphatic energy about them is contagious. She'll make you want tor read anything she recommends!

Check Regan out here!

Screenshot from "Stuck at Home Book Recommendations" on PeruseProject.