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YouTube Recommendations: Calling All True Crime Fans

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Screen grab from Stephanie Harlowe's YouTube channel.

Screen grab from Stephanie Harlowe's YouTube channel.

True Crime is a different kind of beast in the world of media and pop culture. It's odd to even say it's a part of pop culture as it deals with the nature of very real and very gruesome events in near and far history. The fact of the matter is, we as humans have a fascination with the weird, the disturbing, and the unsettling alike. We flock to true crime because we like to psychoanalyze people to the best of our abilities and because we silently thank whatever deities there may be that our own lives are not as tragic.

At any given time you could consume true crime cases through books, TV shows, podcasts, and more, but the up-and-coming place to find your true crime content is YouTube.

If you're looking for a place to start, I urge you to check out Stephanie Harlowe. She is a highly intelligent woman, who painstakingly does her research, and handles each case with tact and respect for the real life people involved. She spins the tales as if she were actually there or as if she's a master storyteller making them up. But as her signature catch-phrase goes because a lot of things are speculative 'don't come for her!'