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YouTube Recommendations: For Your Heart and Your Stomach

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You may have heard of the famous, New-York-based food magazine Bon Appétit. You know, the one that's owned by Condé Nast and is headquartered in the World Trade Center? Yep, that's the one! Well did you know that they have a YouTube channel? And that it's kind of amazing?

They post regularly to their channel with different shows featuring their incredible chefs in what they call the BA Test Kitchen. They have shows for every kind of food lover: home style meals, meat centered, fermenting science, desserts, food challenges. They've really got it all.

But one show from the YouTube channel that I would recommend over all else (but really you should just binge watch any of it), is the series: Pastry Chef Makes Gourmet [fill in the blank here]. Claire is a highly respected, highly trained pastry chef who challenges herself to make homemade, gourmet versions of your favorite snacks and junk food. She's done Pizza Rolls. She's done Ben & Jerry's ice cream. She's done Warheads. And that's just scratching the surface of what she's made.

The video isn't just fun because of her making all of our favorite snacks. The true beauty lies in HOW she does it. She doesn't get a specific recipe. She doesn't watch videos on how to make them (unless she's really stuck on a specific segment of the processes and she'll look something up for only that). She simply tastes the food in front of her to gauge the flavor profile, reads the ingredients on the back, and then uses her incredible breadth of knowledge and skills to just figure it out. It's highly impressive, even the videos where she has to make six different batches just to get it right.

What are you waiting for? Get watching!

Screenshot from Bon Appétit's YouTube channel!