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Youtube Recommendations: Good Mythical Morning

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Are you tired of boring, normal talk shows on basic cable? Who am I kidding? Of course you are! No one watches talk shows on TV anymore now that everything is on the internet. Well, there is a weird, off-beat, and hilariously fun YouTube talk show to fill that hole in your heart: Good Mythical Morning.

Starting as a small channel by two long time best friends making commercials for upstart companies in 2012, Good Mythical Morning has been producing content nearly every day for the past seven years now, minus a few summer breaks for time with their families. 

Starring Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, the show covers a lot of ground. From the series called 'Will it?' in which they explore things such as if grilled cheese will work well as ramen noodles (spoiler alert: it does ramen); to their fast food taste test videos where they discover how little they know their fast food chains; to even videos on competing to see who can figure out which appliances and furniture are name brand and which are knock-offs. Those are just three examples of the many random and weird games they play or experiments they test out and the result is pure, joyful chaos.

Now that the company is growing, and the show isn't just Good Mythical Morning but under the brand of Mythical Entertainment, they are even drawing in actual celebrities as guests on the show. In the past they've boasted names such as Shay Mitchell, Bill Hader, Craig Robinson, Post Malone, and more. 

They're a YouTube staple and friendly for the whole family, but entertaining enough at any age. So you should probably get watching because you have seven years of videos to catch up on!

Owned by Good Mythical Entertainment/Sourced from Variety

Owned by Good Mythical Entertainment/Sourced from Variety

Visit Rhett and Link's Youtube Channel, Good Mythical Morning.