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YouTube Recommendations: If You Love Analyzing Everything

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My favorite thing about YouTube is when people take something they love, something they’re passionate about, and share it with their audience but in an interesting and wholly them way. People on YouTube these days have to develop brands to stay relevant, but if part of your brand is being authentically yourself (and it shows in your videos), then I’m fully on board. 

Which leads me to my next YouTube recommendation: Safiya Nygaard. Safiya is a YouTuber that once worked for Buzzfeed, the infamous buzz-worthy ‘news’ site, on their YouTube channel. After leaving the company to work on her own projects under her self-title channel, she found her niche for sharing her passions pretty quickly.

Safiya is a very logical person. She likes to do research and finds the history and background of things interesting, but she makes those facts relatable and interesting to whatever video she is creating. She does what she calls “bad makeup science” to find the mid-point colors for popular makeup products. She does videos exploring the history of fashion. She buys Amazon products to attempt to make an entire in-home spa from the cheapest things she can find.

Her whole channel is about being curious about how things work, how things change, and the quality of the things we buy on a daily basis. She’s fun, a little goofy, very analytical, and well-worth the watch.

Check out her YouTube Channel here!

Image pulled from "Mixing Every Beauty Guru's Eyeshadow Palette Together" video.