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YouTube Recommendations: The Hillywood Show - Queens of the Parody

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Back with another YouTube recommendation for a YouTube channel that deserves way more recognition and views than they currently get for their talent and insane amount of hard work. 

Sisters Hilly and Hannah Hindi have been making parody videos on YouTube since 2006. Originally an episodic parody series comprised of mostly Johnny Depp characters or characters from Johnny Depp works, the sister's have now transitioned in to making extremely detailed and accurate parodies of your favorite franchises.

With more than one Supernatural parodies the entire Twilight saga, Suicide Squad, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and more, there isn't a fandom they won't touch. 

Both sisters are extremely talent when it comes to acting (including playing male characters more often than not), dancing, writing, directing, and editing, as they do a little bit of everything for each parody they produce. In the past, as a small production company, they did it entirely themselves with some help from friends and family. These days, with support from fans and money made on YouTube, their budget is big and their parodies even bigger.

In their newest parody for Umbrella Academy, they make a mockumentary following the off-beat relationship of Number 5 and his girlfriend... his girlfriend that is a mannequin. It's so strange, but for fans of the show it is a perfectly beat-for-beat representation of the shows odd tone and hilarious to boot.

Go give these girls some love because they work like crazy to give their fans only the best they can give!

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Check out their channel and the newest parody here!

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