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You've Never Seen Anything Cuter Than This TikToker Giving Fake Makeovers To Her Dog

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Under the handle @brooklyn.and.daisy, Brooklyn and Daisy's owner consistently posts videos of her dogs. She got the whole nine yards, peppering them, having them choose which makeup to use, and which outfits to wear. Note that the owner does not use actual makeup on her dogs. She became famous for her "yes ma'am" affirmations and some of the videos have great ASMR components.

Her dog Brooklyn is a German Shepherd, nicknamed Brookie, Bear, or Bubba. Her favorite treats are frozen yogurt cubes, loves sleeping bon her moms head or neck, and loves chasing lizards. 

Daisy is a Border Collie, and also responds to Dayday, Monkey, and Sissy. Her favorite treat is whipped cream, loves biting Brooklyn's leg, and sleeps hanging off the bed. 

Check out all the adorable videos here: