Zoos Are Sad

Boston, MA Franklin Park Zoo @ Entrance

Everyone is fascinated by animals in one way or another, but after a recent trip to the zoo I realized how wrong they are.

I hadn't been to the zoo in years and years, but last weekend my friend suggested going and I thought, yeah, why not? Who doesn't want to see lions, tigers and bears?

Me I guess.

Immediately once we got inside I started to feel uncomfortable and I didn't know why. Only once we reached the tiger exhibit and I saw a beautiful tiger laying down all alone in the hot sun did I realize how against this I am. I don't care how much people say that if animals have enough space, companions, food, etc. that they'll be happy. Animals are supposed to be free! Hunting, running, fighting. It may not sounds like the most glamorous life to us, but it's what animals are meant to do.

 ( source: http://www.zoonewengland.org/franklin-park-zoo )



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